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Programs for individuals living with intellectual disabilities

Recreational services offered by Bell provide opportunities for people with intellectual disability to experience life to the fullest. Structured activities such as tours, trips and vacations enhance social skills and allow participants to build life-long friendships in real life situations.

Programs offered through Bell’s social recreation department include:

York Day Program/York Evenings/Dallastown Evening

Structured activities are planned and offered five days and two evenings every week. These programs offer opportunities for participants to develop relationship skills while participating in group and community activities.


A consumer directed social club, Options members meet monthly to plan their own social calendar of events with minimal assistance from staff. Participating in a variety of activities, they begin to make educated choices regarding social activities.

Supported Recreation

Working directly with residents of Margaret E. Moul Home, York, Bell provides one-on-one support in various community activities for persons with mental retardation and physical disabilities, two to three days each week.

Support-Empower-Living Fundamentals (SELF)
People served through Bell’s SELF program currently live either on their own or with their family.  Staff provides one-on-one service to meet the individual needs of each person. Goals may include learning basic hygiene, developing and improving writing skills, creating grocery lists, planning nutritious meals, and outings to discovery their community.

Bell At The Village

Located on the campus of the Brethren Home in New Oxford, our licensed Adult Training Facility offers a structured day program of diverse individualized activities designed to enhance the quality of socialization and daily living skills of intellectually disabled individuals from various living situations.

Open daily from 8am to 3:30pm, the Day Program supports individuals in increasing their independent living skills through a wide choice of physical, musical and social activities. Individuals are provided with the opportunity to experience community events through trips, movies and shopping on a regular basis.

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