Bikes, Trikes and Tandems for children with special needs

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20 Bikes, Trikes and Tandems for children with special needs

For children with special needs bike riding does not come easy. Trying to coordinate balance, pedaling and steering is an extremely difficult task. For children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida or other similar conditions, riding a two wheeler may never be a practical option.

If you have a child with special needs you may want to consider an adaptive bike. To make your job easier we have scoured the web looking for all types of adaptive bikes, trikes and more. We found 20 bikes ranging from $70 to $7,000. Check them out below and if you have any to add please tell us in the comments.

Balance Bikes

Glide BikesGlide Bikes

Glide Bikes use special balance bike technology that allows children of all needs and skill levels to quickly and easily learn how to ride a bike. The low center of gravity and ease-of-use makes it easier for children with special needs to ride a bike.
Price: $100-$300
Ages: 3 & up
Purchase from:

Kazam BikesKaZAM Bikes

As seen on the Today Show and in Parenting Magazine, the KaZAM bike helps your child skip the training wheels and learn to balance and ride a bike. Using the balance first peddle later concept the KaZAM bike does not come with peddles.
Price: $100
Ages: 2-5 (adult model also available)
Purchase from:

Skuut Balance BikeSkuut Wooden Balance Bike

The Skuut is a wooden bike for children. It has no pedals and no training wheels. The Skuut is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence. Having mastered balance on the Skuut, the transition to a traditional two wheeler bike is easy.
Price: $60-$70
Ages: 2-5
Purchase from:

Freedom Concepts Balance BikeFreedom Concepts Balance Bike

The Freedom Concepts Balance Bike was created to be used for therapy to help children develop balance and coordination. The wide tires provide extra stability while challenging the rider to use their own balance to remain upright.
Price: $3,000-$4,000
Ages: 6-12
Purchase from: Adaptive Mall

Tandem Bikes

Buddy BikeBuddy Bike

Buddy Bike is a tandem bike that is modified to accommodate individuals with special needs. Unlike the typical tandem bike, the “driver” sits in the back while the individual with special needs sits on a lower seat in the front
Price: $2,025
Ages: 5 & Up
Purchase from:

Freedom Concepts Adventure TandemAdventurer Tandem

The Adventurer Tandem is a tricycle built for two. From the rear of the tricycle, the driver steers, brakes, and controls the 7-speed gears. The rider in the front, no matter his or her ability level, can enjoy all the benefits of cycling.
Price: $6,237
Ages: 7 & Up
Purchase from: Adaptive Mall

Trailmate Double JoyriderTrailmate Double Joyrider

Enjoy each other’s company while riding on this unique side-by-side tandem. The Double Joyrider features an independent pedaling feature that lets you ride together, alone, or with one resting. The handlebars adjust for each rider making it great for children and adults alike.
Price: $1,580
Ages: All ages
Purchase from: Trailmate


AmTryke Therapeutic TricycleAmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle

The AM-12  AmTryke features a combination hand/foot drive.  Designed to build strength and coordination for a wide range of children with disabilities. The hand /foot cycles are intended to stimulate reciprocal movement and increase range of motion.
Price: $750-$900
Purchase from:

Power PumperPower Pumper

The Power Pumper is a therapeutic trike that uses hand pumping motions to move the bike forward. The bike is great for gross motor control, posture stability and children with mobility issues.
Price: $300
Ages: All ages (Adult model also available)
Purchase from: Power Pumper

Freedom Concepts Discovery SeriesFreedom Concepts Discovery Series

This trike was created for the little guys, even as young as 1 year old. This tricycle is perfect for those with simple balance problems to more involved cases of cerebral palsy, spina bifida, downs syndrome, head injury, muscular dystrophy and autism.
Price: $3,927
Ages: 1-5 (models for older children also available)
Purchase from: eSpecialNeeds

Kettler Air NavigatorKettler Air Navigator

The Kettler Air Navigator is a great first tricycle for children with special needs. Complete with a safety harness, the Air Navigator enables the child to peddle on his/her own power or get a push with the included push bar.
Price: $230
Ages: 1-5
Purchase from:

Rifton Adaptive TricyclesRifton Adaptive Tricycles

Rifton is a leader in adaptive equipment for children and adults. Rifton adaptive tricycles provide therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. This therapeutic trike grows with your child; you adjust it all with the twist of a knob!
Price: $1,230-$3,300
Ages: All ages
Purchase from: Rifton.Com

Micah Special Needs TricycleMicah Special Needs Tricycle

The Micah Trike is the ideal mobility training and exercise cycle for children and young adults. The Micah was designed to meet the needs of children with Cerebral Palsy and those who need balance and support. The Micah has rear care-giver steering, making it a wonderful tool for all involved.
Price: $1,369
Ages: 5-15
Purchase from: Flaghouse

Mini Tike 12 TrailmateTrailmate Mini Tike

The Mini Tike is great for young children that have mobility challenges. The low step-through design makes access easy. The bike comes with a rear basket and additional options are available.
Price: $379
Ages: 3-6
Purchase from: Trailmate

Recumbent Bikes

Mobo MobitoMobo Mobito

Designed for children of all abilities the Mobo Mobito is a great cruiser for children who have problems with balance. The Mobo Mobito is a great way to promote healthy exercise while taking an amazingly fun ride.
Price: $250
Ages: 4 & up
Purchase from: 

Trailmate LowriderTrailmate Junior Low Rider

The Low Rider is an option for those who are looking for a bit more stability and easy cornering without sacrificing the fun. The square tube, heavy-duty main frame and sleek design supplies rugged performance.  Optional walk behind push bar is available.
Price: $600
Ages: 4-12
Purchase from: Trailmate

Trailmate JoyriderTrailmate Joyrider

The exclusive step-through design lets everyone enjoy the thrill and excitement of trike riding. The model features a heavy duty steel frame, unique swing-away handlebars, and a cozy molded seat for hours of confident fun.
Price: $673
Ages: 8 & Up
Purchase from: Trailmate 

AmTryke Recumbent Foot CycleAmTryke Recumbent Foot Cycle

The JT-2000 foot cycle is a full featured recreation cycle. It boasts a fully adjustable recumbent seat that will fit almost any adult rider. It is designed for comfortable riding on paved trails and roads.
Price: $1,199
Ages: Teens & Young Adults
Purchase from: AmTryke


The Wike Large Special Needs TrailerThe Wike Large Special Needs Trailer

The Wike Large Special Needs Bicycle Trailer is the perfect solution for larger children anxious to join in on the family cycling fun. The large Special Needs trailer can also be converted into a stroller and a jogger.
Price: Starts at $750
Ages: Children and some teens
Purchase from: Wicycle

Caboose Trailer Bike by Morgan CycleCaboose Trailer Bike by Morgan Cycle

This stable, two-wheel Trailer Bike is a great way to introduce young riders and kids or adults with special needs to the thrill of cycling!
Price: $90-$200
Ages: 4-8
Purchase from:

More Stuff

FatwheelsFat Wheels

Fat Wheels is great for adults or children with special needs who have balance issues but want to ride a bicycle. Fat Wheels come in a variety of sizes.
Price: $90-$200
Ages: 4-8
Purchase from: Fat Wheels

Lose The Training WheelsLose The Training Wheels

Lose The Training Wheels is more than just a bike-riding program. For many people with disabilities, it’s a seemingly impossible task that they can typically master in less than a week’s time through this program.

Within days of learning to ride, many children begin exhibiting independent behaviors at home. This achievement, in turn, creates a gateway of opportunity, helping them gain assurance and self-reliance in many other aspects of their lives.
More Information:

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