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Note: Learning disability in UK is the same thing than intellectual disability elsewhere.

Easy Read Guides to Health Conditions

These are a range of guides produced by the Foundation on key medical conditions in an Easy Read format for people with learning disabilities.

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities has worked with easyhealth.org.uk to produce a range of Easy Read guides on key medical conditions and concepts. We know that people with learning disabilities often experience worse health and worse health care than the rest of the population, and research shows that people with moderate or severe learning disabilities are three times more likely to die early.

Read Health Inequalities and People with Learning Disabilities in the UK: 2011 (PDF) for more information.

Key factors influencing health inequalities (Emerson et al., 2011) include:

  1. Greater risk of poverty, poor housing, unemployment and social disconnectedness, which are known to be linked to poor health
  2. Increased risk of health problems associated with specific genetic and biological causes of learning disabilities
  3. Communication difficulties and low levels of knowledge about health and looking after your health
  4. Personal health risks and behaviours such as poor diet and lack of exercise
  5. Difficulties in access to health care

As part of one of our previous health projects, Better Health, Better Metrics  we commissioned the Easyhealth team to translate some patient information leaflets into an Easy Read format. Topics include common conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, obesity and tooth decay.

We hope that these materials will make it easier for doctors and nurses to help their patients with learning disabilities (or indeed anyone who struggles with written information) to understand some common health problems.

The leaflets were translated from the original clinical summaries on the PRODIGY website and were subjected to the same rigorous clinical quality checks as all the other information published by PRODIGY.

The booklets are all available to download for free below:

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