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Finding YOUR Way – A conference for families of disabled children

We are absolutely delighted to announce our very first Conference.  Finding Your Way – a Conference for Families of disabled children.

Throughout the last year or so, we have been listening to families in our groups, on our blog and at events we have attended and very often the same questions arise.

We sat down with Care Management Group and were delighted when they offered to support us in hosting a Conference where we can offer a variety of workshops to answer those questions.

CMG Conference Finding Your Way 2016

So what are the workshops?

  • Housing Options – what are the various options available for our young people.  What is the difference between Supported Living, Independent Living and the variety of other options?
  • Resilience – as a family, how do you bounce back when the system knocks you down?
  • Mental Capacity Act/Deprivation of Liberty– what do these really mean in practice?
  • Positive Behaviour Support – what is this and how can you use it in your family?
  • PA recruitment – learn about how to use One Page Profile thinking to recruit the right PA
  • Working Together – how can providers and families work together better to ensure the best for our children and young people?
  • More to be confirmed in October

Peter Kinsey, the CEO of Care Management Group, writes a weekly blog.  It’s a great insight into life as a provider so pop over and subscribe, we’ve found it very interesting to see the issues they face, which often are not ones we hear about or even consider.

Last week, he talked briefly about the workshop on Housing Options.

Today I am briefly going to talk about the workshop on housing and support options which will be included on the conference agenda. This session is about helping families get the information they need to make the right choices when they are looking for accommodation with support for their loved ones. It can be a very confusing picture with residential care and supported living and a variety of different funding mechanisms including Local Authority, NHS, housing benefit and direct payments. The purpose of the workshop will be to explain the similarities and differences between residential care and supported living, how the money works and also how families can go about getting the right information to make the right choices.

We know many families are confused about the variety of options available, what would be best for their family, how is that funded, etc?  So this workshop will be very popular, we’re sure.

Spaces are limited, so booking early is recommended.

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