Toronto – Summer Creative Arts Program

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Sol Express Summer Creative Arts Program 2016



The monthly cost is calculated based on a rate of $65.00/day. Payment is due by cheque and should be mailed with registration.

Fee Schedule

Number of days July (12 days) August (15 days)
1 day/week 195.00 / month 245.00 / month
2 days/week 390.00 / month 490.00 / month
3 days/week 585.00 / month 730.00 / month
4 days/week 780.00 / month 975.00 / month


Participants must be able to get to and from The Gathering Place at 186 Floyd Avenue. Transportation is not provided.

Due to the limitations of support staff, participants need to be independent in the areas of self-care (such as eating and use of washroom). If 1:1 support is needed, it is the participant/guardian’s responsibility to provide it. Support persons are also expected to actively participate in all program activities.

In the event that there are more eligible applicants than available spaces, priority will be given on a first come – first serve basis.

For more information or to register, please download the registration form or call (416) 406-2869 x24.


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