A Brazilian Youtuber with Down Syndrome

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Youtuber reaches success because of Down Syndrome, not in spite of it

Youtuber Cacai Bauer raises awareness around Down Syndrome with her YouTube channel

By plus55

A young Brazilian woman has found Youtube success by creating lighthearted videos about living with Down Syndrome. Twenty-two-year-old Cacai Bauer is another example of how this genetic disorder is not necessarily an obstacle but could be explored instead as a valid tool.

Her videos have received over 400,000 views in which she, just like many other Youtubers, speaks freely about pretty much everything. She discusses her family, tastes, hobbies, among other topics. The Down Syndrome topic comes naturally and makes for an interesting subject. Bauer’s ease of communication, with her command of good timing and pleasant personality, makes her channel easy to watch.

She began her own channel about eight months ago and has been publishing an average of two videos per week. With 10,000 subscribers, she has earned the title of the first Brazilian Youtuber with Down Syndrome. Interestingly, she is not afraid of haters – that is, people who use the Internet anonymously to spread hate messages. Bauer doesn’t delete hate messages and says that she is proud more often than not; her followers take up the task of defending her.


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