Shoko Kanazawa, 31, a calligrapher with Down syndrome

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Japanese calligrapher with Down syndrome performs in Singapore

Rachel Au-yong   Saturday, Oct 22, 2016
Shoko Kanazawa

Calligrapher Shoko Kanazawa working on her second calligraphy work – de, or virtue – at Paragon Shopping Mall yesterday.
Photo: The Straits Times

One minute, the woman in black was smiling and waving to the crowd at Paragon Shopping Mall. The next minute, she was a picture of concentration as she picked up a giant brush and got busy on stage.

Ms Shoko Kanazawa, 31, a calligrapher who has held exhibitions in her home country Japan and cities like New York and Paris, was in Singapore on her first visit.

The bubbly artist held the audience in rapt attention as she painted in bold two large Kanji characters – guang (light) and de (virtue).

« I want people to see that I’m very cheerful even though I have Down syndrome… I can do better than normal people, » said Ms Kanazawa, who was with her mother Yasuko, 73, a calligraphy teacher.

The performance yesterday was part of the SJ50 Event organised by the Ad Planet Group to mark 50 years of diplomatic ties between Singapore and Japan.

« I want to draw during the three days that I am in Singapore to deliver love, dreams and cheer – to encourage people to cheer up, » said Ms Kanazawa, who started taking calligraphy lessons from her mother at the age of five. Her father died of a heart attack when she was 14.


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