Liam Ngatuere, a natural performer

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The King ain’t dead

Music-loving Liam a young man with attitude.

Liam Ngatuere

ALL SHOOK UP: Filmed by cameraman Hunter Crouchley (right) for a TV show that celebrates inspirational people who live with a disability, Liam Ngatuere (left) and TV personality Te Hamua Shane Nikora dressed as rock and roll legend Elvis Presley and busked in the city centre yesterday.Picture by Liam Clayton

INTERNET sensation Liam Ngatuere of Gisborne was joined by TV personality Te Hamua Shane Nikora yesterday to perform as Elvis Presley impersonators for a TV show that celebrates inspirational people who live with a disability.

Liam, who lives with an intellectual disability, is a natural performer. His theatricality is expressive and uninhibited. His language is not always recognisable but it is entirely from the heart.

Attitude screens on TV One on Sundays at 8.30am.

Filmed for TV One show, Attitude, the two Elvises cruised Gladstone Road in a blue cadillac before they stopped to busk in front of Tupara Art Gallery.

The charismatic performers wore sequined white costumes and black wigs and, like the 1960s rock and roll legend, Liam played his white guitar.

“One of Liam’s favourite songs was sung by a man who sang Elvis Presley songs, Prince Tui Teka,” Mr Nikora said, before performing the piece in te reo Maori accompanied by original harmonies from Liam.

Attitude’s programmers had followed Liam on Facebook, Mr Nikora said.

“He has become popular over the past two years. His love of music is why we are doing a bit of busking today.”

Liam busks regularly at the Kaiti Mall Saturday market.

“He has more than 18,000 Facebook followers worldwide. Every time he posts a video he gets 50,000 views on average.”


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