Samantha said yes!

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Down’s Syndrome couple get engaged on air!

Brad Hunter, Toronto Sun  



A couple who has Down’s Syndrome left a British TV audience in tears when they got engaged on the air.

Niki Wyatt and Samantha Lochrie made it official on UK gabfest This Morning.

The loving duo made headlines around the world when they were banned from kissing at their local youth club.

Social media erupted in outrage and the pair became famous.

And viewers responded to the big moment with cheers — and tears.

One said: “That was actually the cutest thing I’ve ever watched.”

Another posted: “Sam & Nikki, it’s hard to find love nowadays. U 2 are gorgeous & lucky to have each other. Sooo cute! Beautiful.”

Niki, 30, was given his cue from his mom and then got down on one knee in front of Samantha, 23, and asked her to marry him.

She said yes.


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