Gretchen Josephson – États-Unis – Poète

Gretchen Josephson[1]

Habitant à Denver, au Colorado, elle a publié, en 1997, un recueil de poèmes aux éditions Brookline Books compilant le travail de trente années d’écriture, intitulé Bus Girl. Elle a ensuite donné des conférences et participé à des séances de signatures à travers les États-Unis. Après avoir vécu une vie bien remplie, avoir travaillé plus de 37 ans chez Foley’s et Macy’s à Denver, avoir habité seule et voyagé, fait du sport, etc…, elle habite maintenant dans une résidence où elle reçoit l’aide dont elle a besoin.[2]



Gretchen Josephson avec sa soeur Karen (credit: CBS) [4]

Voici 3 de ses poèmes, en anglais bien sûr parce que c’est sa langue:

The Bedroom Blues

When I wake up in the morning
I still have tears
running down my face.

I rub my eyes
I stumble
My bones creak

When I see the empty bed
And the love that was there

I sure do have

The bedroom blues. [5]

Behind These Eyes
People show or tell what they are
By the look in their eyes.

A man may be inspired by his
Intelligent mind.

Another man shows that he is
Soft and tender.

Behind other eyes you see
A face that is drawn
And looks much older
than he is.

Some eyes are filled with tears,
And the face is bronzed
From their sting.

You may see a glow
As bright as the light of the sun.
Behind these are emotions of
Love, faith, admiration and tenderness.

Sometimes these eyes show that
They want to talk to others.
And, sometimes, after talking
This person feels better.[6]


I am in a court room
There sits a judge
There is a jury
And a testifying booth

You see,
by looking into my eyes
Pain and sorrow
And hurt

You are all dressed in white
Walking across the room

You can visualize yourself
In jail
A young person
Clutching onto the bars
Staring into space

You are convicted of LOVE

Sometimes you wonder
What love is all about
Isn’t love a lesser charge than
A sentence of life?

No love is greater
Than the gift of life.[7]


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