Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out

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Note: Learning disability in UK is the same thing than intellectual disability elsewhere.

Feeling Cross and Sorting it Out is OUT NOW

Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out

On Thursday 11 September we release our first of four new books, Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out. We are having a private launch at Dimensions AGM in London today and an ‘official’ launch at the House of Lords, on 28 October 2014. We hope you will take a look at the new book here and join us in celebrating its publication. The book was co-written by Beyond Words Chair, Sheila Hollins and Nick Barratt, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, of Dimensions.

Both Beyond Words and Dimensions have been working hard over the last 18 months to produce a book, a training programme and a digital application to help promote good practice in the field of behaviour that challenges. We have created the book Feeling Cross and Sorting It Out in response to the atrocities which came to light after the Winterbourne View scandal.

The book tells the story of Ben who doesn’t like being rushed and when Paul won’t make time for a chat, Ben gets cross and upset. Ben asks Jane for help and she helps them sort it out. Now Paul understands what is important for Ben and what has been worrying him. The story ends with them choosing a new activity to do together. We all experience situations that make us feel cross and stressed. Sometimes this can lead to an angry outburst or other sorts of behaviour that challenges. This book will help people and their supporters to work together to sort out difficult situations, and avoid them happening in the future.

On the 28 October 2014 we will launch the new book in the Attlee Room at the House of Lords, which is strictly by invitation only. To mark the occasion we have organised a panel discussion including the voices and experiences of Baroness Sheila Hollins (lead author and Beyond Words founder), Nick Barratt (co-author and behavioural expert representing Dimensions), Steve Scown (CEO of Dimensions), and Clive Pressinger (expert by experience).  Our special guest speaker for the afternoon will be the Rt Hon. Norman Lamb MP, Minister for Care and Support. For press info please contact [email protected].

The new book is now available to purchase from our online bookshop, along with many of the other 40 books from the Beyond Words extensive back catalogue, spanning 25 years of publishing experience within the field of learning disabilities. For more information on Dimensions click here.


Thanks to @DimensionsUK to have drawn my attention on this book.

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